How to Survive the Wedding as a Wedding Photographer Essex

wedding photographer EssexGetting through the first wedding photography session would be a real challenge for a wedding photographer Essex. The work of a wedding photographer in his first wedding gig could either make or break his confidence in pursuing his career as a professional photographer. That being said, ensuring the success of his first gig would be highly important to any wedding photographer.

In fact, a photographer needs to be extra ready before starting the wedding photoshoot session. It’s a wedding after all, where every small detail counts. There’s no repetition in a wedding, thus you need to prepare yourself to find any moment that is worthy to be captured. You couldn’t ask people to do what they did one more time so that you could have a better shot of them. In addition, you are also expected to shoot the moments your clients ask you to shoot, and not missing any of them could be a challenge in itself.

Even though going through your first wedding gig may look as a daunting task to be done, there are a few tips that you could follow to ensure your success as a first-timer. These tips are designed to help you not only getting through the day, but also making a number of great shots in the process. Here are the tips you could apply in your first wedding photography:

Do in-depth research on the wedding details – in a wedding, every small detail counts. That being said, it is important for you to do some research over the wedding to make sure that you could prepare yourself effectively for it. As a wedding photographer Essex, you could visit the venue of the wedding before the wedding day to learn about the best spots to take pictures and sources of light that are available at the venue.

Have a pre-consultation session with your client – it is important to hold a pre-consultation session with your clients so that you could synchronize your style with their expectations. Throughout the session, you could also make a number of agreement with them over some details, including any expectations they may have, any list of moments to be captured, and style of photography they may prefer. You could also use this session to get to know better about them, so that there would be a chemistry between you and your clients which may make them much more convenient to pose in front of your camera.

Establish a schedule

In wedding photography, timing is everything. You need to be aware of each and every agenda of a wedding to be able to capture the right moment at the right time. You don’t want to miss the opening ceremony of your first wedding due to poor timing, do you?

Always be available

You need to make sure that you are available all the time during a wedding. You should let you clients know that they could contact you at anytime they need during the wedding. This will boost your credibility as a wedding photographer.

Going through the first wedding gig is never easy for any wedding photographer Essex. For more tips on how to conquer your first wedding, you could visit

Becoming a Better Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyThe first important rule in aiming to become a professional photographer Surrey is to never stop learning. Yes, you can become a better photographer because it is something that is constantly changing with time.

New is not always better

Lately, it is only a give that every major smartphone brand releases a new upgraded version of their flagship series. Those are always dubbed as ‘better and smarter’ but many can agree that new is not always better (Bluetooth AirPod, anyone?). The same thing can be said for cameras because it’s not just about getting the newest technology.

A professional photographer must always master the tools he works with which is so much more important. A camera is nothing if the user does not have full control over it. Good control means you can do many things with the camera without having to rely on fancy technology.

Exploring new perspectives

How do you usually take pictures of the landscape? Many people make use of wide shot which is a given because when it comes to breathtaking views, the beauty lies in getting a full scope of it. But have you tried using other lenses to do it?

Everybody else is using the same method and as amazing as it is, people are always seeking for something new and fresh. Giving them new perspectives, such as close up shots of the flora and fauna around you will make your collection look refreshing and different.

Find what works best with you

There are photographers who work best in the studio because he has all the tools they need. If they work outdoors, they will carry additional lighting to help enhance pictures quality. Whereas you can also be a photographer Surrey who works with least hassles: you and your camera. None is better than the other because it really depends on which one is most comfortable for you.

Whenever you work with your client, definitely make sure that you told them your work style. Is it the fly on the wall approach, or the more inclusive, friendly style? Don’t try to copy other photographer’s style and gears too hard because what works for them might not work for you.

Contrasting colors

If you are wondering why some pictures are so captivating as if they sucked you in, one of the factors is getting the right color palette in the picture. With modern technology, our lenses today can capture better and better-quality pictures that easily distinct colors. The best part about it is you can enhance the colors with editing software if you want, to give that impactful impression.

The trend lately is soft, pastel colors due to how they easily blend without hurting the eyes as opposed to using vibrant colors. However, don’t let the trend tell you to always edit all your pictures in pastel filter.

We love to invite people to check out a hiker/photographer Surrey Jonathan Griffiths. He has incredible collections of mountain shots. He takes incredible shots of the views from the top of the mountain he climbed and he frequently captures scenes of breathtaking contrasting colors.

What Should You Wear for Newborn Photography Raleigh NC?

Newborn Photography Raleigh NC.The newborn photography session is synonymous with a quiet studio, clear sound of the camera’s shutter snapping and… fancy clothes? Well, most parents are not sure what they should be wearing one because you are focused on baby pictures, not pictures of yourself. Especially after several tiring days and nights adjusting to your new life and getting as much rest as possible.

But don’t worry, let us guide to the most comfortable and appropriate wardrobe choices to make for newborn photographer Raleigh NC session.

Wear what’s comfortable

The first important thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear. A newborn photography session is one where you want to look relaxed and happy. It’s true to most photography sessions, but even more so here because mothers are not always in their best shapes during these times. Your photographers would rather you come in a plain, comfortable T-shirt rather than fancy dresses. We’re not even joking!

Not too sparkly!

Your baby is the main character of the day and your photographer wants to make sure that nothing is shadowing the baby’s presence. If your clothes are too fancy and attractive, your baby cannot become the center of attention because people will be distracted by what you wear. Wear clothes with plain colors and not with too many ornaments that may distract people.

The T-shirt is not a bad idea, really, because it’s comfortable and emphasizes the plain and innocent vibes in baby pictures. Newborn photographer Raleigh NC based session will also have the set prepared with curtains, blankets, and decorations that are plain to complement with. Women will also find flowy clothes to be comfortable and nice for pictures.

Colorful but here’s the thing

Some people might have an idea when it comes to colors, but before you jump into conclusion to use your favorite color, consider the setting as well. In lifestyle sessions, you might want to choose one that fits with the background – your house. For example, pink doesn’t really go well with green and black is a gloomy color whether or not you are superstitious about it.

If you are having the session done at the studio, you can choose the suitable background color to go with your clothes and the blankets you are bringing.

Prepare a change of clothes!

Newborn photographer sessions are always in danger of baby’s mess! Although babies sleep most of the time, you really don’t know when they suddenly have the need to go. That’s not the worse part. The babies are mostly naked and they won’t alert you when they need to pee or have big businesses to deal with. If they get it on your clothes, you definitely can’t wear them for the session or even home!

Your change of clothes should still contain the same plain and calm tone. Don’t worry! Your photographer is used to this and won’t get mad because it’s part of the job. No way to make the set baby-mess-proof. You can check out Sally Salerno’s gallery for inspiration on what to wear for your Newborn Photography Raleigh NC.

4 Tips a Headshot Photographer Reading Needs to Take Great Photos

headshot photographer ReadingIf there is one picture that every aspiring professional needs to have in their portfolio, it is a headshot. A headshot is a photographic technique in which the headshot photographer Reading focuses on the face of the subject. The purpose of the picture is to highlight the features of the subject. As most times, a headshot is always part of the requirement for applying for jobs of a physical nature. Examples include modeling, acting and basically jobs that are from the performance or arts fields. In this type of jobs, the headshot can be the defining factor that decides whether you get the job or not.

Because of the fact that a headshot focuses more on the face of the subject and perhaps a part of the shoulders, most individuals tend to think that the job is easy and does not require a lot of skill. Well, that assumption is totally wrong. It takes a lot of technique and skill to be able to capture the essence of a subject’s face and also ensure that their best features are highlighted. If caution is not exercised in the approach, the picture can come out wrong.

To ensure you get your headshots right the first time, take a look at the following tips:

  • Focus: Eyes

You know how it is often said that the eyes are a window to the soul? Well that is totally true. If you want to capture the essence of your subject and at the same time convey their personality to an audience or subtlety pass across a message, the best bet you have is to make use of the eyes to achieve your aim. There is no other way to emphasize something in a powerful with headshots without ensuring the eyes of your subject are in line. The eyes can capture the attention of the viewer and you achieve your aim in less than 2 seconds.

  • Angles matter

If you are a headshot photographer Reading who has been neglecting their angles, well this tip right here is for you. Angles matter a whole lot more than you give them credit for. Since sometimes headshots need to be close up, you need to find a good way to play with angles to affect the feel and outcome of the entire image. However, note that the way you play with angles for men will have to differ from the way you do the same for women due to the nature of their features.

  • Lens is key

Have you ever taken a headshot and wondered why the clarity is a bit skewed? Well, this is what happens when the lens distorts the look of the image. You have to be extra careful when selecting the lens, you want to make use of to capture the image. For close headshots, making use of a wide or mid-range lens is a very big no as it achieves the opposite effect of what you desire.

To find out more on what a headshot photographer Reading should be doing to get the best shots, visit 

Perks of Hiring a Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeeWhen imagining your wedding pictures, what is the image that comes to mind? Artful and beautiful works of art that take you back to the very day you said “I do” with the special someone? If you said “yes” to that, then it is safe to say you have certain standards when it comes to how your wedding images ought to look like.

The fact that you have a certain mindset for what you want for your wedding album is a good step in determining the right wedding photographer Dundee for you. Did you think you would be able to bask in the joy of your special day while shooting the event? Apart from that being impractical, it is not possible.

Read below for the pros attached to contracting the services of an expert photographer:

  • Professional Hands

The job of the wedding photographer requires him to undergo training and constantly refine his skills so as to stay on top of latest trends that couples might find appealing. Also, the fact that the photographer has decided to make a job out of shooting moments should tell you that this is a craft they take seriously. No other individual will treat your special moments with the level of importance that a professional photographer does.

Therefore, we can definitely say that one of the major perks of getting a wedding photographer is professionalism. This is evident in their dedication to the craft and their desire to produce quality results that will leave you satisfied.

  • Expert Shots

Can anyone wield a camera? The answer is yes! Can anybody capture an image through the lens of a camera? The answer is yes! Cameras come in different shapes and sizes and in varying prices. Anybody can lay their hands on one if they want.

Some do not even need to buy a camera as a smartphone also allows for the capture of images. The easy access to cameras is what has most people thinking that the services of a professional wedding photographer Dundee is something they can do without. As a matter of fact, some think it is irrelevant and that is a huge mistake.

Yes, cameras are easily accessible and images can be shot but, one thing you need to understand is that those images will not be shot the same way an expert shoos his or hers. The expert photographer considers a lot of things such as camera angle, lighting, brightness, contrast, width of lenses, aperture etc. before shooting an image. The individual who just takes pictures as he or she sees fit will not be able to produce the same masterful shots that an expert photographer can.

  • Experience

Experience is said to be a teacher. As a professional photographer continues to engage in a craft, he or she picks up knowledge along the way which help in refining his or her skills. These skills and knowledge also come in handy when they cover your wedding.

Therefore, when looking to hire a wedding photographer Dundee like, pay close attention to those 3 keys things.

Here Are 5 Reasons Multiple Wedding Photographers Dorset Are Needed

wedding photographers DorsetYou want to get the best wedding photographers Dorset on your wedding photography. Now, there are many questions whose answers are not always clear. Like how many photographers you may need. There are many suggestions on how many you should hire; some say a single photographer is everything you need, others think multiple photographers are always better and they won’t miss a thing.

But truthfully, we want you to make your decisions based on your needs and from there, we crafted 5 reasons multiple photographers is the choice to go.

1. Your wedding is big

Are you going to hold a big wedding party? Big wedding parties mean a lot of guests are going to make an appearance and big chance that many of them will take part in giving performances. There will be a lot of things to do, many people to hang out with, and obviously, pictures to take! Comes the question, will a single person be able to do this all?

Yes, he can. But he will miss a lot of things, having only one pair of eyes. Multiple photographers are amazing because they have their own jobs and responsibilities to do. They can focus on what they do and no need to fear they will miss something important.

2. When a photographer says no

It’s also a good idea to directly ask the photographer if he is confident enough to fulfill your requests. You want him to get you a lot of pictures while he can only focus on the important ones. But he says no, he doesn’t think that will be a good idea to hire only him alone. Professional wedding photographers Dorset are not afraid to say it when they know there are better ways to do things.

Martin Bell is a professional photographer and he thinks that wedding pictures are one of the most important things in our life. Therefore, a photographer has to be honest when he knows he can’t do it alone.

3.  More pictures

More photographers mean more pictures are snapped! If you consider getting as many pictures as possible as important, here’s another strong reason. It won’t just be one photographer rushing here and there and getting only one or even none of each moment.

4. Multiple Angles

More photographers mean you get your pictures taken from various angles. This usually happens during the important moments, like the vow, the kiss, the dance, etc. Your photographers will go to their posts and prepare to get the shot. They will make it a moment you will never forget and even if you do, you will have the pictures that you will remind you of exactly how it was.

Can a single photographer do this? Maybe. It’s possible by positioning a camera at the right angle in advance and shoot it. But without a human eye, it’s always hard to do it as well as a professional can.

5. Same price!

Some wedding photographers Dorset work in pair, so they don’t entertain working alone. Because of that, they usually offer similar to slightly higher price than the average of hiring a solo wedding photographer.

The Unique Wedding Photographer Essex

wedding photographer EssexEssex is such a romantic place where history is rich and the culture is well-preserved. It is a great place for a wedding, and your wedding will definitely be like a fairytale that you can never get enough of looking at in the photographs. The magical aura that Essex naturally has guarantees that your special day will have stunning views in the background. It is most significant that you get the best wedding photographer Essex has to offer to capture your dreamlike moments.

Wedding in Essex

Your wedding is a cherished moment that will forever be etched in your heart and mind. Getting married in Essex is a fantastic decision, since you have so many venues to choose from. You can get married in a castle, golf and country clubs, historic houses and barns, or in magnificent churches in momentous towns and villages. You can say your vows in the picturesque countryside or near the tranquil coast.

Tying the knot is an important decision in your life, and to capture the special moments, you need a diverse wedding photographer Essex ever produced. You are already blessed to have such beautiful place to be married in, and to create history that your entire family can be proud of, you need to have a wedding photographer who can naturally integrate the remarkable scenery with your heartfelt happiness and capture those moments in an angle and lighting that can produce photographs with so much life.

Wedding photographer

A wedding photographer is an integral part of your wedding. You need someone who can make you feel at ease while your photographs are taken. Photography is not just about clicking the camera and taking pictures, but is all about the trust you have in your photographer, the ease you will feel under the lenses. You need a photographer who can bring out the best in you and your partner. Your photographs will be seen by your children and their children, and possibly your great-grandchildren. Your stilled photographs will be passed on to the younger generations, and you would want to be eternalized as your natural self, glowing with love and happiness.

You cannot always watch how you react or how you act in your wedding day, or else you will feel only stress and pressured to be perfect at all times to make sure that you will look great in the photos. When you have an extraordinary wedding photographer Essex has ever known take photographs in your wedding day, you can assured that you can act naturally, since your photographer have the patience to and skill to wait for that most special moment where you can be photographed at your best without coercion or acting. You can enjoy your wedding with genuine happiness, and Justin Bailey from the popular Justin Bailey Photography will take very good care of your wedding photos. You can relax and have treasured fun celebrating your exceptional day, captured in fine art photography.

So, when it comes to your wedding images, do not settle for anything less than the best that you most definitely deserve.

All You Ned to Know When Picking Wedding Photographers Dorset

wedding photographers DorsetMost couples when planning a wedding have to make a choice out of several options available. This is especially the case when it comes to hiring he services of wedding photographers Dorset to cover the events that unfold on the special day. A lot of things go into planning the wedding from choosing the best location, getting a brilliant tasting cake and choosing decorations that go well with the chosen theme but all this can be for naught if nothing exists to remind you of that day.

As a result, we came up with certain things you need to take note of before making a choice of wedding photographers

#1: The Wedding Photography Style

Since you are not a professional wedding photographer then it is not surprising that you don’t know different wedding photography styles exist. However, going by the fact that you have certain preferences or have ideas on how you want your wedding pictures to look, it wouldn’t hurt to research the different photography styles that exist. When you are surer of the choice you want to make among reportage, documentary, and fine art wedding photography among others, then you can look out for a photographer or photographers that offer that.

How do you know if a wedding photographer can offer the style of photography you want? The answer is really simple as the portfolio of the photographer ought to reflect their work in that style. Past works are a good reflection of the skill and expertise of a photographer in a certain aspect of photography.

#2: What is your need?

Yes, we know, you need your wedding covered by wedding photographers Dorset but that is not all. How long would you like wedding photographers such as to stay at your wedding? Should it be for a few hours just covering the exchanging of vows or till the end of the wedding covering the reception as well? Would you like pictures of “your getting ready stage” or just pictures of you and your partner as well as family members in an arranged photo shoot?

The question of what you need is very important so it can better help you determine the photographer that can offer you the best package. It also helps to determine if you are going to be spending more or less on your final pictures. Chances are, the higher the number of hours spent, the increase in the number of pictures taken and therefore, an increase in the amount paid especially if there is standard rate per hour or picture.

#3: What form would you like your pictures to be in?

We are talking about USB drives, albums, CDs or DVDs. The world of photography has undergone a huge change especially considering the fact that information can now be stored in different accessible forms. Depending on how you want to reference the pictures in the future, you may have to decide the final format you want the pictures to be in. Some wedding photographers Dorset even offer the option of uploading the pictures to an online cloud storage just in case something actually happens to the physical copies.

2 Different Types of Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographyEach wedding photographer has their own style but if you want an easy reference, there are basically two types of wedding photography style. One is called documentary wedding photography and the other is fine art. For your information, none of the styles is better than the other because it is the same with trying to tell you that green is better than yellow. You have your own preferences.

Documentary style

The documentary style is similar to a journalist style of taking pictures. It focuses on the storyline and chronicle of the day. The documentary style is something that helps capture the story of your day and the photographer tend to try to not disrupt the flow of the wedding. Such a photographer takes the fly-on-the-wall approach to make sure that guests and you won’t feel awkward around him.

The documentary style focuses more on the story rather than the visual quality. But it’s not the same with saying that documentary style pictures are typically ugly; the photographer does not try to pose anyone and that’s where the beauty is. Everything is as natural as how it is and you will see your pictures exactly like how you went through it.

A lot of documentary-style pictures are taken in black and white tone. It certainly tones down the color and visual but this effect makes the viewers feel emotional about the picture. People are more focused on the subject rather than simply if the picture looks pretty or not.

The best documentary wedding photography we knew is done by The pictures are certainly captivating and contains the story of the day. And they are definitely worth to be printed and hung on in your living room.

The next style is going to be something that astonished you, too.

Fine art style

If you want your pictures to be beautiful and simply sucks in the viewers, fine art is the way to go. A photographer that takes pictures in a fine art style focuses on the visual quality. Similar to the documentary, it’s not the same as saying that fine art pictures simply look good but not the type you’ll look back over and over again. Photographers often incorporate documentary element in how the take pictures; it shows how the wedding day proceeds in a chronological way.

The fine art style is certainly focused on making your pictures look perfect and simply gorgeous. A photographer will try his or her best to make sure that everyone is at the right place at the right time to take the picture. There will also be more posed pictures because that’s where the photographer can unleash his creativity.

The fine art style has a broader variety compared to the documentary. In the documentary, each photographer has different perspectives in capturing the moment, but in fine art, the photographer is pressed to use his creativity to the max. It has to be staged in such a way that the picture looks like it was drawn. Surreal, but beautiful.

Some photographers adapt the vintage style and others may be more to natural colors. But it doesn’t make the style superior to documentary wedding photography because what you like depends.

Why Should You Get New Baby Photography Done?

baby photographyMany couples do not know the importance of getting pictures of their new-born baby. Many others simply do not have the time. It is understandable: from the moment of childbirth, to replying congratulatory texts and messages, and preparing for so much more, you can easily forget that your baby needs to have its pictures taken.

There are so many things to be done, but you just might regret it if you do not have a baby photography session. Below are important reasons to have a new-born session:

Memories Preserved

That is what pictures are for – to preserve memories. Like someone once said, “Pictures capture memories and memories preserve life”. If there is one thing we can trust photographs for, it is their ability to keep memories alive and for the future.

By getting your baby’s photography done, you won’t forget how cute the tiny feet were, or that beautiful smile, and all associated, old and forgotten memories. Babies grow very fast. According to paediatricians, a baby is expected to double its weight in four to five months. Why not quickly save those adorable moments before they pass away forever?

Pictures help us remember distant events, bonding the relationship between parent and child. If there is one reason to invest in a baby photography session, this is the foremost and most important. are professionals in this field. If anything, your child, when grown will fully appreciate you for doing this.

Personally, and regrettably so, we have seen adults who have no idea what they looked like when they were babies. All thanks to mum and dad, who didn’t bother to preserve those memories.

Professional Service

The saying: “if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well”, has never been truer. If you are going to have pictures of your baby for posterity sake, and other reasons we will mention later, then do not – do not – use your smartphone. Except you are a professional photographer too, with experience in taking baby pictures, you should not employ the small camera you have.

A professional knows about the intricacies of the business, as well as the necessary photography skills and jargon – lighting, shade, blurs and so on. As an extension of a professional service, baby photographers have all the necessary tools, equipment and props needed. You don’t.

Very importantly too, babies require gentleness, care and a certain kind of environment and handling. Babies can be unpredictable – they can roll over and catch you unawares. Your average professional baby photographer should and will always put safety first. Some poses are dangerous and should not be attempted except by an experienced professional.

You trust the nurses and mid-wives when it is time for delivery, and you don’t do it yourself. You should also employ a new-born photographer to take those pictures.

You Save Yourself Time and Stress

By ensuring that you hire a professional service for your baby photography session, you also save yourself time and stress. Of course, as a mother just coming out of the ward, you are tired and you have a lot to think of at a time. Hiring someone else to take care of this highly necessary event will definitely save you a lot of time and stress. You will also rest assured knowing that you will get good and beautiful photographs of your baby that will last through the ages without doing so much.