What Should You Wear for Newborn Photography Raleigh NC?

Newborn Photography Raleigh NC.The newborn photography session is synonymous with a quiet studio, clear sound of the camera’s shutter snapping and… fancy clothes? Well, most parents are not sure what they should be wearing one because you are focused on baby pictures, not pictures of yourself. Especially after several tiring days and nights adjusting to your new life and getting as much rest as possible.

But don’t worry, let us guide to the most comfortable and appropriate wardrobe choices to make for newborn photographer Raleigh NC session.

Wear what’s comfortable

The first important thing is to feel comfortable in what you wear. A newborn photography session is one where you want to look relaxed and happy. It’s true to most photography sessions, but even more so here because mothers are not always in their best shapes during these times. Your photographers would rather you come in a plain, comfortable T-shirt rather than fancy dresses. We’re not even joking!

Not too sparkly!

Your baby is the main character of the day and your photographer wants to make sure that nothing is shadowing the baby’s presence. If your clothes are too fancy and attractive, your baby cannot become the center of attention because people will be distracted by what you wear. Wear clothes with plain colors and not with too many ornaments that may distract people.

The T-shirt is not a bad idea, really, because it’s comfortable and emphasizes the plain and innocent vibes in baby pictures. Newborn photographer Raleigh NC based session will also have the set prepared with curtains, blankets, and decorations that are plain to complement with. Women will also find flowy clothes to be comfortable and nice for pictures.

Colorful but here’s the thing

Some people might have an idea when it comes to colors, but before you jump into conclusion to use your favorite color, consider the setting as well. In lifestyle sessions, you might want to choose one that fits with the background – your house. For example, pink doesn’t really go well with green and black is a gloomy color whether or not you are superstitious about it.

If you are having the session done at the studio, you can choose the suitable background color to go with your clothes and the blankets you are bringing.

Prepare a change of clothes!

Newborn photographer sessions are always in danger of baby’s mess! Although babies sleep most of the time, you really don’t know when they suddenly have the need to go. That’s not the worse part. The babies are mostly naked and they won’t alert you when they need to pee or have big businesses to deal with. If they get it on your clothes, you definitely can’t wear them for the session or even home!

Your change of clothes should still contain the same plain and calm tone. Don’t worry! Your photographer is used to this and won’t get mad because it’s part of the job. No way to make the set baby-mess-proof. You can check out Sally Salerno’s gallery for inspiration on what to wear for your Newborn Photography Raleigh NC.