What Does Becoming a Fine Art Photographer Mean?

fine art wedding phtoographyA lot of people who just begin their journey into the world of wedding photography wants to know this. Whether or not you want a photographer in fine art wedding photography can be decided after this.

Fine art: what it is

Fine art is a very visually aesthetic type of art. It focuses on the photographer’s imagination and is most eccentric. However, after being adapted into wedding photography, it’s gained a different meaning and style.

In fine art style, a wedding photographer focuses on the visual aesthetic of the situation. It’s mostly achieved through posed style where the photographer can direct how the clients should pose. It results in wedding pictures that are absolutely stunning and mesmerizing, the kind of picture that just satisfies your eyes.

What it lacks

It also means that fine art lacks in other factors. Because a wedding photographer has to direct the clients, it also means the photographer cannot remain in the background all the time. Although, there are also photographers who incorporate this style with reportage.  Both styles can complement each other if done correctly.

Fine art also lacks that timeline mood that reportage has. If you want the pictures to look aesthetic, you need to be able to gain control of the situation. Yet, clients always like it if their wedding album shows the procession of their wedding chronologically, especially those important, candid moments.

You can capture fine art pictures even through candid like what you can see in www.juliaandyou.com, a fine art wedding photography provider. But it often depends on luck and timing.

What’s so great about it

When marketing your fine art photography service, you need to be able to tell your clients what is so great about it. Why is fine art something they need to know and book?

Fine art focuses on the visual quality of the pictures. When you want to hire a professional photographer, let’s admit it: you want more than just pictures, they have to be very good. Fine art is a way to ensure that your pictures’ quality is above average. The photographer will always try his best to capture the moment from the best angle and at the right timing.

Clients will also love to use those pictures as wallpapers, print them in big sizes to be hung in the living room and bedroom and appreciate the aesthetic quality. Taking your wedding pictures in fine art style makes them way more unforgettable and beautiful. It’s also a way to appreciate the beauty of the venue that you’ve rented expensively.

When to say no

It’s not like every client will like fine art wedding photography style. You need to see when someone seems to lean towards a different preference and avoid trying to persuade him too hard. It’ll eventually bring dissatisfaction to both of you because he never liked that style and you can’t do it the way he wants it to be.

Just remember that it’s meant for people that regard visual quality highly. Also, this style has weaknesses that can be replaced if you learn to integrate it with reportage or documentary.