Wedding Photography: Black and White Photography

Leeds wedding photographerThe average Leeds wedding photographer knows that photography began with black and white over a hundred years ago and decades on, black and white photography is as classic and relevant as ever. It is an art that utilizes light and shadow and blends them in a beautiful way, provided you know what you are doing.

“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

  • Ted Grant, a renowned Canadian photojournalist

Weddings are colourful. The decorations are going to be glowing. The flowers will be placed in strategically beautiful areas. The details on the cake and the guest’s clothes. The bride’s gown can also be colourful depending on the design (as you know, she doesn’t necessarily have to put on pure white for her wedding). Generally, weddings are colourful events. They add resplendence and colours will capture your emotions.

What is the essence?

So why does the Leeds wedding photographer decide to remove the colour features and choose to make the picture taken black and white? Read on.

Emotions are revealed

When capturing raw emotions or intricate human interactions, many experienced wedding photographers will decide to shoot that moment in black and white.

Shooting a picture in black and white forces you to look at the images in another perspective and with a deeper feeling. Every picture has a certain message to pass across. Colours usually distract us from seeing these intricate details and we usually miss out on the full story. It is important that wherever emotions are being poured out, you try to use black and white. Meanwhile, emotions don’t necessarily mean that the bride is crying while walking down the aisle, or the groom is excited with joy. It could be the tiny smile of the grandparent. Or it could be any action that can provoke an emotional response from someone looking at the pictures.

The pictures become sempiternal

That is not all. Black and white pictures can be very classic and timeless, adding elegance and quality to your photos. On their own, the pictures tend to produce various degrees and shades of darkness and lightness. Make-up, both daring and colourful, blend perfectly in the picture and are no longer distracting. Every single detail in the view of the camera fits in perfectly and there is no “colour riot”.

Critical in wedding photo-journalism

And if you have ever looked at an album with a documentary or photo-journalistic or reportage photography feature or theme, you will see that black and white pictures are an essential and critical parts of these pictures. This is because these genre and styles of shooting a wedding tell a story, especially when the pictures are eventually put in an album viewed as a whole.

Of course, there is always a place for colour photography in every wedding. Many photographers will prefer to shoot their pictures in colour and while editing, will turn the necessary ones into black and white.

On the other hand, black and white photography can be disastrous and make the pictures look meaningless when not applied properly. As a Leeds wedding photographer such as, it is important to know when to apply this feature. Else, it is one feature you want to know how to use.