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How To Look At A Wedding Photography Website

wedding photography websiteYou really don’t have to stress yourself out too much if you are a bit of a newbie in all things related to the wedding photography industry. All of the things that you need to know or you need access to will actually be readily available in the wedding photographer’s website and it’s very important that you remind yourself of this realization time and time again. All that you need to make sure of is that you are resourceful enough to look through different sources and mediums in order for you to get your hands on the info that you need to get your hands on. You also need to be ready enough to unlearn some of the things that you might already know so that you can head out and venture into learning some things that you don’t know yet at the end of the day. Wedding photography really isn’t all that hard to learn about or figure out the right way for as long as you are getting into this with an open mind and with a workable sense of practicality at the end of the day. Get this checked out the right way and things should work out to your advantage at some point or so.

Portfolios are everything to wedding photographers.

This is the first thing that you ought to try to review and scrutinize with a very detailed and critical eye when you are out there shopping for a great wedding photographer to consider for the job. A really established wedding photographer Surrey will never get caught dead with an underdeveloped website and this is something that you can bank on at the end of the day. assess a wedding photographer’s portfolio first and foremost if you would like to get an idea or get a glimpse into the kind of work and the kind of quality that he brings to the table for his clients at the end of the day. You will be able to tell what kind of photography style he tends to gravitate towards and this can turn out to more or less give you a bit of an idea about what type of photographer he is from a general or from a more macro point of view after all has been said and done. Take the time to really review this and to really drill down to the basic details so that you get to know exactly who he is and what his strengths and weak points will turn out to be as a professional wedding photographer in the Surrey area.

Prices and service inclusions are also included in the wedding photographer’s website most of the time.

You can use this as a bit of a guide so that you can manage your expectations and compare the different packages of the different wedding photographers out there in the Surrey area. A wedding photography website might not openly advertise this but most of them will give out a ballpark range for the prices of their services to help make things a little easier for potential clients

How To Find a Good Wedding Photographer

Finding a wedding photographer may not be difficult to do these days given the availability and wealth of information out there. But sometimes, we get overwhelmed and confused as we ask ourselves how we can find one, given the wealth of such information.
To help you get through this confusion, we have prepared this guide to get you going with your search.

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1. Ask around within your own network

Basic as it may seem, the best place to get started is within your immediate circle. In this case, start by getting in touch with people in your own network. This would include your family, relatives, and friends. Most especially, try to connect with those in the network who got married recently ask how well did their wedding photographer do in covering the event. If there are any, try to check out the photos that were done by the photographer to have an idea of his photography style and see if it would fit your preferences.

Even if there are no recent weddings to note, still try to ask around and maybe some of them have a photographer they would know or recommend. Or, by a stroke of luck, you may have those in your network who are photographers themselves who may either cover the wedding for you or know fellow photographers who are available.

2. Visit bridal fairs

Bridal fairs provide an excellent venue to find wedding photographers. One advantage of such events is that it provides a single venue where you can get acquainted with as many photographers as possible and see what they offer, providing much convenience and saving considerable time and effort on your part as well.

Another thing to note about bridal fairs is that some participating photographers take advantage of this event by offering special discounts for those who will avail of their services during the fair. It’s something worth keeping in mind.

3. Explore social media


With the growth of social media, a growing number of wedding photographers have begun to use this tool to their advantage in promoting their services through paid advertising or viral marketing among others. In fact, you may have seen some of their works which have spread virally in the web whether through your own network or through the form of a promoted post.

Social media is also a good source of information, especially if you’re focusing your efforts online. With more photographers now having an established presence in social media, you get to save considerable time and effort in reaching out to them, not to mention being able to easily see their portfolio.

4. Browse bridal publications and websites

There are a number of publications and websites available that are dedicated to wedding matters that you can check out. Many of these publications have a directory listing of wedding service providers like wedding photographers that you can contact.

Also worth checking out are the wedding coverages they feature on their respective publications and sites which spotlight the work of the photographers who covered those weddings. These features should give you an idea of the work and style of the photographer you may have in mind.

5. Check out the classified listings

Whether online or offline, classified listings have long been a reliable source of information on wedding photographers. The downside though is that the listings do not provide much detail, at least when comes to the work they have done, unless they listed their site or online portfolio in the ads. But with the limitations of the source, what is important at least is that they have provided valid contact information and that your queries to them will be promptly answered.

6. Visit online forums


Online forums are also a good source of information as to where to find wedding photographers. Check out the wedding forums in online communities or online communities dedicated specially to weddings; some of these places have helpfully put up wedding photographer questions as sticky posts so you won’t have a hard time finding them.

Given the democratic nature of online forums and communities, some information you may find may not be entirely accurate. Take such information with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to those that don’t have additional information available.

7. Talk to your wedding planner

Wedding planners can be very helpful in taking care of most of the wedding details for you, giving you lesser headaches and worries to mind about your wedding. In some cases, wedding planners can take care of finding a photographer for you if in case you have not found one.
Whichever option you will take in finding your wedding photographer, in the end it is the photographer’s skill and expertise that will matter. Always be sure that you get to know your photographer and the quality of the service he offers before you make the choice.

Should The Client Provide Food to the Wedding Photographer?

During wedding preparations as couples make the reservations for the services of a photographer, once in a while there comes a question that has been a dilemma for some couples who were planning their weddings, and it is all about the matter of providing food for the wedding photographer.

First things first

First things first, let’s get one thing perfectly clear here. It is but proper for the photographer to given something to eat in the course of the coverage he will be doing for the wedding. After all, the photographer will be spending about 12 hours or more covering the wedding. Without some sustenance, the photographer would not be able to do the job as well as we would expect him to do. This also creates a feeling of mistrust and animosity in some cases between the photographer and the client couple for such inhumane treatment.


Fortunately, that part is something that is very rarely argued upon. However, things get a bit trickier when it comes to the arrangements as to how they would eat. This is something we will touching on in the following parts of this article.

Where to eat

Depending on the arrangement, the photographer could take his meal at the guest table along with the other wedding guests or take it at a separate area, usually along with other vendors and personnel like the band members, the DJ, among others.

Speaking of the arrangement, some photographers have certain preferences as they may prefer being at the guest table.  In any case, one should check with the photographer if there are such preferences in place and if there are, it should be specified in the contract you will have with them.


In some cases, the reception venue has already a separate area assigned for photographers and other vendors where they could eat. So it’s best to coordinate with the venue as to whether they have such areas set up.

The food to be served

Then there is also the question of the food to serve the photographer as well as the other vendors. Would they be served the same meal as the guests would have or would they be given a different meal? This would depend on your caterer or the with the reception venue, whoever will be providing the food at the reception.

Some photographers may specify that they prefer to be served the same meal as the guests. If so, make sure that clause is included in the contract and, more importantly, the costs for their food would be taken into consideration.

Also, try to check with the caterer or the reception venue, whatever the case may be, if they offer vendor meals to be served to the photographers and the other wedding vendors. Vendor meals may or may not be the same as the food the guests may be having at the reception, but they cost less compared to the average price per plate the couple may spend for the food of the wedding guests.

The bottomline: regardless of the food that will be served to the photographer, whether it is same as with the guests or not, you have to make sure the food that will be served is enough to be satisfying and ease away the hunger he may be feeling after hours of wedding coverage he has done at that point.

In Conclusion

There are many factors to consider: the photographer’s preferences, the preferences of the caterer or the venue, as well as the budget concerns. But these factors should not impede you from providing food to your photographer. In fact, these factors should rather help you make a sound decision as to how you will be able to do that humane and proper gesture.

Photographers are important people in the wedding. And it is proper that they would be given the respect and kindness that is due to them. And with the hard work they will be doing covering the wedding and making sure it is covered well, the photographer deserves not only to be fed but to be fed well enough for him to get through the day doing his job right.

Nine Questions To Ask The Wedding Photographer

Weddings are one of those very important and life-changing events that deserve not just to be documented, but to be documented beautifully well, especially in photographs. Thus, it is important to have a good photographer (or photographers in some cases) who are capable to beautifully capture such a memorable life event.


For couples who are about to make a choice as to who will get to photograph your wedding, there are a number of factors to take into consideration that a prospective photographer should address. Here are nine questions couples should ask and photographers should be able to answer before making a deal.

Is the photographer available on the wedding date?

Basic as this question may seem, it is the most important question and must be asked first before proceeding. It will help save a lot of time and effort in the process. If the photographer is available on the date, make sure you get a written commitment of such availability.

What is the photographer’s style of photography?

Like any other visual artists, photographers have their own style in shooting and composing their photos. If you don’t have any particular style in mind, check out their portfolios and see if their photography style is to your liking.

At the same time, don’t hesitate as well to express whatever idea you have in mind for the photos. Just remember to balance those ideas of yours with what the photographer has in mind to get the most satisfying results possible.

What is the photographer’s wedding photography experience?

As with any job hiring, experience is a big factor in choosing a wedding photographer. Check out the photographer’s portfolio and see not only the style but also the extent of the photography coverage that was done for the weddings. It is very important in this case to check the most recent wedding coverages the photographer has made to help you get a good idea of what to expect should he cover your wedding.

What would be the budget and the details of the package?

Budget is always a primary factor especially for a wedding; it is important to make sure you get your money’s worth with the package that you choose. Most wedding photographers offer different packages depending on the budget. Check the details of the packages they offer as to what are included. Some packages include engagement photos as well so that’s something to consider as well as far as budget and convenience is concerned. Also important is to take note of the payment terms for the service to help ensure a smooth transaction.

Are there other personnel and/or equipment involved in the coverage as well?


Some photographers, especially the big studio photographers, have other photographers and personnel working for them, perhaps one of them would be doing the job instead. So it’s best to get know as well the associate photographer in these cases and check out their photography style as noted above.

Also, check to see if the photographers would be bringing in their own equipment like for lighting to determine if you would need to provide additional lighting at the venue. If yes, make sure that their equipment would neither be bulky nor obstructive.

How long will it take for the photos, proofs, and the wedding album to be available?

One thing to note is that some photographers may take months before in processing the photos they took of a wedding. Having an idea of how long of a timeframe they would need before you get to see the photos would at least help manage the long wait it may take.

What happens if the photographer cannot make it on the wedding date? 

While we have already determined the photographer’s availability on the wedding in the first question, sometimes there are instances that a photographer may not be able to cover your wedding at the last minute, especially due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Thus, it is very important that the photographer beforehand should readily provide contact information of another photographer who would be available that day to fulfill the job at hand.

Is the photographer willing to stay on in case the event lasts longer than scheduled?

Sometimes a wedding event may go beyond the timeframe that was originally planned. It is important to ask the photographer if is willing to cover the event beyond the original timeframe. If so, it is important to note the photographer’s overtime policy if any, as well as possible charges that may be in place.

Will there be a contract provided?

It is very important that the photographer will provide you a contract that will detail in writing the nature of the service that will be provided, addressing the questions raised here and other pertinent details. Never deal with a photographer who would not provide you a contract for any reason whatsoever to avoid possible headaches that may arise in the future that will spoil what should be joyous occasion.