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4 Tips a Headshot Photographer Reading Needs to Take Great Photos

headshot photographer ReadingIf there is one picture that every aspiring professional needs to have in their portfolio, it is a headshot. A headshot is a photographic technique in which the headshot photographer Reading focuses on the face of the subject. The purpose of the picture is to highlight the features of the subject. As most times, a headshot is always part of the requirement for applying for jobs of a physical nature. Examples include modeling, acting and basically jobs that are from the performance or arts fields. In this type of jobs, the headshot can be the defining factor that decides whether you get the job or not.

Because of the fact that a headshot focuses more on the face of the subject and perhaps a part of the shoulders, most individuals tend to think that the job is easy and does not require a lot of skill. Well, that assumption is totally wrong. It takes a lot of technique and skill to be able to capture the essence of a subject’s face and also ensure that their best features are highlighted. If caution is not exercised in the approach, the picture can come out wrong.

To ensure you get your headshots right the first time, take a look at the following tips:

  • Focus: Eyes

You know how it is often said that the eyes are a window to the soul? Well that is totally true. If you want to capture the essence of your subject and at the same time convey their personality to an audience or subtlety pass across a message, the best bet you have is to make use of the eyes to achieve your aim. There is no other way to emphasize something in a powerful with headshots without ensuring the eyes of your subject are in line. The eyes can capture the attention of the viewer and you achieve your aim in less than 2 seconds.

  • Angles matter

If you are a headshot photographer Reading who has been neglecting their angles, well this tip right here is for you. Angles matter a whole lot more than you give them credit for. Since sometimes headshots need to be close up, you need to find a good way to play with angles to affect the feel and outcome of the entire image. However, note that the way you play with angles for men will have to differ from the way you do the same for women due to the nature of their features.

  • Lens is key

Have you ever taken a headshot and wondered why the clarity is a bit skewed? Well, this is what happens when the lens distorts the look of the image. You have to be extra careful when selecting the lens, you want to make use of to capture the image. For close headshots, making use of a wide or mid-range lens is a very big no as it achieves the opposite effect of what you desire.

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