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Becoming a Better Photographer Surrey

photographer SurreyThe first important rule in aiming to become a professional photographer Surrey is to never stop learning. Yes, you can become a better photographer because it is something that is constantly changing with time.

New is not always better

Lately, it is only a give that every major smartphone brand releases a new upgraded version of their flagship series. Those are always dubbed as ‘better and smarter’ but many can agree that new is not always better (Bluetooth AirPod, anyone?). The same thing can be said for cameras because it’s not just about getting the newest technology.

A professional photographer must always master the tools he works with which is so much more important. A camera is nothing if the user does not have full control over it. Good control means you can do many things with the camera without having to rely on fancy technology.

Exploring new perspectives

How do you usually take pictures of the landscape? Many people make use of wide shot which is a given because when it comes to breathtaking views, the beauty lies in getting a full scope of it. But have you tried using other lenses to do it?

Everybody else is using the same method and as amazing as it is, people are always seeking for something new and fresh. Giving them new perspectives, such as close up shots of the flora and fauna around you will make your collection look refreshing and different.

Find what works best with you

There are photographers who work best in the studio because he has all the tools they need. If they work outdoors, they will carry additional lighting to help enhance pictures quality. Whereas you can also be a photographer Surrey who works with least hassles: you and your camera. None is better than the other because it really depends on which one is most comfortable for you.

Whenever you work with your client, definitely make sure that you told them your work style. Is it the fly on the wall approach, or the more inclusive, friendly style? Don’t try to copy other photographer’s style and gears too hard because what works for them might not work for you.

Contrasting colors

If you are wondering why some pictures are so captivating as if they sucked you in, one of the factors is getting the right color palette in the picture. With modern technology, our lenses today can capture better and better-quality pictures that easily distinct colors. The best part about it is you can enhance the colors with editing software if you want, to give that impactful impression.

The trend lately is soft, pastel colors due to how they easily blend without hurting the eyes as opposed to using vibrant colors. However, don’t let the trend tell you to always edit all your pictures in pastel filter.

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