North Wales wedding photography

Wedding Photography: Let’s Get Wet!

North Wales wedding photograherRain – it is probably among the worst thing that could have happened to your wedding and for your photographer. It feels as if the party is going to waste and all the preparations of all those years are just going down the drain! Then, will your wedding album turn into a total failure, too?

As a North Wales wedding photographer, facing this kind of problem will surely risk your work result, which will affect clients’ satisfaction, rating and eventually your career. Moreover if you are yet to face one, all you do everytime you are about to set out to snap some wedding pictures, it won’t escape from a silent prayer for the weather to be just fine or at least dry until the wedding is over.

But, it won’t be long until you realize that rain is one of the biggest opportunites to stand out; let it be from other photographers or other wedding albums!


Using an umbrella on a fine weather cannot escape the face that it looks weird, no matter how nice the picture will look like. Unless you are wearing a glamorous looking wedding dress in the right weather, you won’t be using umbrella. But rain, gives unlimited ideas you can use, among them is the kiss under the same umbrella. Whether you are facing or showing your back to the camera, this is one of the most romantic kisses that brides always dream of.

Easy guide for photographer: how about taking this chance for a first look session? Start off by letting the groom standing with his back against the bride with an umbrella in his hand. Let the bride walk within his vision range and the moment when he turns around, there’s this irresistible feeling to just smile and feeling blessed and that’s your chance!

Water drops

The effect of water falling through the sky creates incredible sparkling effect on your pictures. Best of all? They’re natural! North Wales wedding photographer that uses high quality camera can snap perfect droplets of water while you pose with your hubby.

No umbrella; no worries!

Or if you like a more daring picture, go for it! A hot kiss under the rain with him, or simply running through the rain makes incredibly memorably pictures.

An easy guide of this: let your clients hold a pair of umbrella and let them stroll for a little bit; give them some private space! Like a script, once they feel it, it won’t be long till you get the special pictures. Oh, and tell the groom that it’s okay to throw his umbrella away if it gets in the way.

Make the groom shield the bride from the rain while escaping the rain as if they are running to a nearby shelter. Simple but because it’s your wedding, this can become a special picture to remember.

Another idea is to shoot for a dance under the rain, it surely makes an unforgettable memory!

Remember to use lightning on the back drop for a clear look of both bride and groom, since rain means less light.

Be happy to see a water puddle

They make great  image reflector of your couple. Some of the best poses are to stand facing each other from the water puddle and set your angle as such to snap them.

How The Wedding Photographer and the Wedding Planner Work Together

North Wales wedding photographerA wedding planner is a professional who is tasked with organizing, designing, planning and orchestrating a gorgeous wedding, while a Wedding photographer is ultimately responsible for capturing the beautiful moments and captivating emotions experienced during the wedding.

The bride and the groom are the two most important people in a wedding, the guests are a constant and nothing can go wrong with them if you have a good Wedding planner, which makes the wedding planner the second most important person in the wedding. The vendors such as florists, cleaners, caterers are also important but none of them are as essential as the North Wales wedding photographer.

Thus it is necessary for the Wedding Planner and the Wedding Photographer to have a good working relationship before, during and after the wedding day.

Stated below are instances where the wedding planner and the North Wales wedding photographer work together and how they can achieve a memorable wedding:


The Wedding Planner is responsible for the schedule of the day, he or she determines the order in which the various activities of the day will go, photo shoot sessions are an important and looked forward to  aspect in weddings so it is necessary the wedding planner to reach out to the North Wales Wedding Photographer to determine when the photo sessions will take place. This is important for both parties as the wedding photographer will let the wedding planner know what time the lighting conditions are the best so the wedding planner will know how to organize the events of this day around this time.


The North Wales Wedding Photographer must have been to the location beforehand to check lighting conditions, spacious arrangements, as well as scout out positions. The photographer is to communicate with the guests on where to take pictures especially if it is a themed wedding, this is done to maximize the availability of backdrops and the surroundings. In the case where about 15- 30 guests are to be moved, the wedding photographer can reach out to the Wedding planning for easy locomotion and to have disrupting the party.

The Wedding planner can be said to be the chief architect of the wedding as no movement or activity should take place without their prior or full knowledge.


For a themed wedding, nothing is as important as the North Wales wedding photographer meeting before hand with the wedding planner, this is necessary so as they can bounce ideas off each other on the shape the wedding will take place. The couple can also be involved in this discussion because the ultimate goal at the end of the day is to have a memorable wedding.

For example, A couple might decide to have a restaurant themed wedding at a location like the Café Pinot, the wedding planner is to discuss where the reception and reading of vows will take place as the wedding photographer might decide he would like to use the Maguire gardens as a backdrop for the aisle. All this are wonderful ideas to agree on with the wedding photographer.