natural wedding photographer

Look Natural In Your Wedding Photos

Handle your hands.

natural wedding photographyOne of the biggest dilemmas of people posing in front of a camera during an event is the proper hand placement. If you would like to make sure that your photos come off looking natural in all of the best ways, then you need to know for sure that you have thought things out in advance as much as possible. If you want your hands to look natural in the photos that are being taken of you, the first thing that you need to do is to actually plan things out ahead of time. Think about the kind of placement you would like your hands to have. There are a lot of ways for you to go about with this. You can raise your hands up in the air, touch your face, or let it fall at the sides in a relaxed manner. There are a lot of things that you can do during your natural wedding photography coverage. Feel free to play around as much as you would like to and explore what your options are when it all comes down to it. Your hands are actually as big as your face and if you don’t do anything about them, they can be a bit distracting.

Pull up a chair.

Whenever things are starting to get a little stale and a little boring in the natural wedding photography shoot, you can still pose naturally by pulling up a stool or a chair. Sitting is a relaxed position and something that will help give your feet some sort of a relief. Any self respecting professional photographer will always make sure that he has a chair or a stool nearby to help switch things up one way or the other. there are also a lot of ways for you to diversify your sitting poses so play around with it and try to see what you can do to help speed things along somewhere somehow. Your photographer will be impressed with your posing skills but at the same time, you also ensure that your photos don’t come off as something looking a little too contrived or anything like that.

Distraction can be a welcome thing.

You need to understand that although looking at the camera all the time is sometimes a welcome effort, if you want to go for natural wedding photography vibes, then you should allow yourself to be a little distracted at times. It’s OK to focus on something or someone else other than the camera and the photographer. There is a mysterious and dreamy feel to subjects not being fixated on the camera lens.

Seek out privacy, if needed.

If you aren’t comfortable being photographed in front of all of the people attending your main wedding day, you can always pick out a different spot or location. It is important for you to have a really comfortable area to be in so that your photos are maximized and so that you can avoid stressing over it.