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Preparing for an Event: Getting Kitted for Event Photography Introduction

event photographyContrary to popular belief, event photography is more than showing up to an event wielding a camera to take pictures of the guests. Apart from the expertise needed to get the right shots and the leg work involved to make sure all memories are being captured, this niche of photography calls for a sizable amount of equipment. The equipment is a major requirement as it is what helps in creating the final product called photographs.

Different Event, Different Kit

Event photography is quite broad as it stretches its branches to the typical black-tie event, the school prom, charity fundraiser etc. This means that as a photographer moves on from the different events to another, he or she has to bear in mind the fact that the kit needed will be different. For example, when shooting outside for a sports event, the equipment used will be different from that which is made use of for an indoor event.

The importance of the kit

In event photography, one thing is essential and that is the camera. Without a camera, no pictures can be shot. However, having a decent SLR camera with a high resolution will be more than enough to get the best shots. This becomes really important as the photographs gotten from events need to be high quality given the short time from.

It is important to note that although a high resolution camera brings quality images, it also makes it difficult to move the data on each frame. Slow moving data on the frame slows down the workflow. Therefore, there has to be a balance attained between high resolution and efficiency in workflow.

A camera with a resolution of 8 mega pixels or thereabouts is enough to provide a print of great quality. It also will not impede theefficiency of the photographer as a resolution of that size makes it easy to move data on the frames.

Foresight is better than hindsight

Going into an event prepared will always make an event photographers work easier. Any equipment that will most likely need a backup should have a backup as this can prevent unpleasant situations. If no backup equipment is needed for something essential, then an alternative course of action should be thought of so as to be prepared if anything breaks during the course of the job. Having an alternative course of action set or a backup ready is really important as if an important equipment like the camera breaks it means there wil be no photographs for the rest of the event.

Other things to bear in mind

The norm in events like prom is to have guests pose against a backdrop that has been professionally lit. This means that the flash of the camera will no longer cut it these days. The backdrop chosen for these events is aso what determines the type of lighting setup needed as well as the number of lights to be used.

In terms of lighting, there is no limit but what has to be in mind is the fact that you need to transport the equipment to the event venue. Therefore, settling for about 3 or 4 should be okay.