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Building Trust as an Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographerAs an Essex wedding photographer, it’s important that you are able to cultivate trust with your clients. There’s a reason why customers are able to leave such a positive review to their professional wedding photographers. The vibe that you get was that the photographers were friendly, helping, and professional in their job.

Customers are always assured to know that their wedding photographers are reliable and always ready to provide help or solutions to them. And we’re here to help you how to become one.

First impression matters

No matter the kind of job you work, the first impression matters 99% of the time. Our subconscious mind begins judging people the moment our eyes lay on them. However, did you know that there’s another way to build up a positive impression before meeting them?

Most of the time, they’d email you through your site after reading the About Me page. That’s the first time they read and ‘get to know’ about you. What you put in there should be written by only you. It’s important that you don’t try to follow anyone else and write up your own bio.

Next is through the emails you reply. They can judge how much you are eager to know about them by seeing whether or not you are willing to answer and ask for more information from them. Try emailing this Essex wedding photographer at and see what you can learn.

The meet-up is the peak of it. There’s only one secret to this: live up to what you’ve shown on the Internet. We’ve seen lots of cases of people who date online, getting disappointed with when they meet the person in real. Is that how people see you every time? Not sugar coating on your website is an important thing to remember.

Correcting and enhancing your image

Throughout the first meeting, make sure that you are not communicating as a businessman, but as a friend of the clients who is a photographer. You want to listen and answer their concerns, not supplying their demands.

Customers most of the time have a list of choices they are considering from. All of them can provide the same set of wedding pictures and most clients judge from visual beauty and pricing of the package. When you know that those are things you cannot change much, the only other thing that will stand out is your personal service to them.

Treat them as friends and answer their concerns. Another thing you can do to enhance this part of your business is to provide flexibility to them. Some budget-conscious clients can ask that several parts of the package be removed or replaced with something more important to them.

Keeping the relationship going

Another important this is to keep the relationship ongoing. The best marketing technique that any giant companies as well as you as an Essex wedding photographer should implement is love  word-of-mouth. Your clients will become your strongest marketing plans. People trust in reviews that are not made-up and impromptu.

By keeping in touch through social media, such as mentioning happy anniversaries to your clients years after their marriages, is a way to keep them reminded and show others your previous works.

How To Plan Out Your Wedding In Essex

wedding photographer from essexWhen planning out a wedding in Essex, there are a lot of things that you need to keep your sights on and your mind on all of the time. First off, think about who you know and what you know about the place. If you do not happen to be from the area, you might come across some unique challenges that you will need to overcome one way or the other. First off, you need to make a decision on what time of the year you will be getting married in when it all comes down to it. It would help out a lot if you pay attention to the influx of people to the area. There are certain times of the year wherein Essex will be filled with tourists and it all depends on you if you want to go in at that time of the year or if you would like to go for a more intimate take on things and choose an off peak or off season timing instead. Whatever your choices or your preferences might turn out to be, for as long as you do all of the necessary research and for as long as you pay attention to what you are trying to pull off in the first place, then you should be pretty good to go when it all comes down to it.

Think about your guests when you are trying to pick a wedding venue.

If it is something that you can afford, try to go for something that has a nearby airport or hotel that will help pave the way for the accommodation of your guests. Get logistics in mind as much as possible. As the one who is hosting the event, at a certain degree, you are a bit responsible for the comfort and the convenience of your guests who will be attending and you can really pull something like this off the right way if you study the wedding venue that you are planning to book for the wedding in the first place. If you can find a wedding venue that offers full service or that is licensed to hold civil wedding ceremonies, then it would be even better because what it technically means is that you don’t have to shuttle your guests off from one location to the other at the end of the day.

Document the wedding

Another thing that you need to make sure of when you are planning out a wedding in the Essex area at any point in time is that you are able to document the wedding the right way. After all has been said and done and once the food and the people and the festivities have all gone, what you will have left are the memories made during the wedding and these memories will be best preserved through the pictures that are being taken during the wedding which is why hiring a great wedding photographer is something that you need to take seriously when it all comes down to it. Get a great wedding photographer from Essex along with the rest of your wedding vendors to really cap off the coverage of your wedding.