How To Look At A Wedding Photography Website

wedding photography websiteYou really don’t have to stress yourself out too much if you are a bit of a newbie in all things related to the wedding photography industry. All of the things that you need to know or you need access to will actually be readily available in the wedding photographer’s website and it’s very important that you remind yourself of this realization time and time again. All that you need to make sure of is that you are resourceful enough to look through different sources and mediums in order for you to get your hands on the info that you need to get your hands on. You also need to be ready enough to unlearn some of the things that you might already know so that you can head out and venture into learning some things that you don’t know yet at the end of the day. Wedding photography really isn’t all that hard to learn about or figure out the right way for as long as you are getting into this with an open mind and with a workable sense of practicality at the end of the day. Get this checked out the right way and things should work out to your advantage at some point or so.

Portfolios are everything to wedding photographers.

This is the first thing that you ought to try to review and scrutinize with a very detailed and critical eye when you are out there shopping for a great wedding photographer to consider for the job. A really established wedding photographer Surrey will never get caught dead with an underdeveloped website and this is something that you can bank on at the end of the day. assess a wedding photographer’s portfolio first and foremost if you would like to get an idea or get a glimpse into the kind of work and the kind of quality that he brings to the table for his clients at the end of the day. You will be able to tell what kind of photography style he tends to gravitate towards and this can turn out to more or less give you a bit of an idea about what type of photographer he is from a general or from a more macro point of view after all has been said and done. Take the time to really review this and to really drill down to the basic details so that you get to know exactly who he is and what his strengths and weak points will turn out to be as a professional wedding photographer in the Surrey area.

Prices and service inclusions are also included in the wedding photographer’s website most of the time.

You can use this as a bit of a guide so that you can manage your expectations and compare the different packages of the different wedding photographers out there in the Surrey area. A wedding photography website might not openly advertise this but most of them will give out a ballpark range for the prices of their services to help make things a little easier for potential clients

How to Learn SEO Basics

photography websiteIf you would like to learn SEO all on your own, the first thing that you need to brace yourself for is reading through tons and tons of materials. Search engine optimization is something that is a world all on its own and whatever you may know previously about it will have to be put on pause at some point or so. You need to make sure that you will have everything going for you by willing yourself to relearn and unlearn a few things that you might already know about the trade and about the industry.

Although it might initially seem like something that is abstract or something that doesn’t really materialize for you in all of the right ways, the thing about SEO is the fact that it is actually something that has so much going on in and around it and it is the kind of stuff that you need to wrap your head around one way or the other if you would like to keep up or even get ahead of the game. The good part about this is that there are actually a lot of materials available on the internet. It all boils down to how you make the most use of it at some point or so.

Get this looked into and checked out the right way and you will surely have a bit of an idea about how it works and how the progressions pan out somewhere along the way. Mind you, you will be bombarded with a whole lot of info and you need to be ready enough and systematic enough to go through with it the right way at the end of the day.

How google works right now is that the traditional ways of bypassing SEO have been deemed obsolete or out of date already.

You need to make sure that at the end of the day, you will be able to more or less get things going by embracing the fact that you need content every single step of the way. The content that you need is something that is fresh and all original. This is the best way to optimize your website as much as possible. There are no shortcuts when it comes to this so make sure that you are able to really understand how important it is for you to churn out content after original content when it all comes down to it. spun articles and the like are no longer relevant so if you want your photography website to be up to speed at the end of the day, then you need to be ready enough to supply the content when it all comes down to it. Get this looked into and you will surely slowly have things working your way even if the progress might turn out to be a little slow in the beginning.
You will slowly be able to understand it and find your way through it for as long as you are patient enough to go through with the process so just keep moving forward. There are no shortcuts to SEO so try to work through it as much as you possibly can. If you aren’t that much of a writer, the best part in all of this is the fact that it is actually a service that you can hire out at any point in time. Outsourcing is the new labor force and the best part in all of this is that it is cost effective and results driven at the same time so you don’t have to waste precious time or resources on anything or anyone that doesn’t churn out results for you after all has been said and done.

How To Plan Out Your Wedding In Essex

wedding photographer from essexWhen planning out a wedding in Essex, there are a lot of things that you need to keep your sights on and your mind on all of the time. First off, think about who you know and what you know about the place. If you do not happen to be from the area, you might come across some unique challenges that you will need to overcome one way or the other. First off, you need to make a decision on what time of the year you will be getting married in when it all comes down to it. It would help out a lot if you pay attention to the influx of people to the area. There are certain times of the year wherein Essex will be filled with tourists and it all depends on you if you want to go in at that time of the year or if you would like to go for a more intimate take on things and choose an off peak or off season timing instead. Whatever your choices or your preferences might turn out to be, for as long as you do all of the necessary research and for as long as you pay attention to what you are trying to pull off in the first place, then you should be pretty good to go when it all comes down to it.

Think about your guests when you are trying to pick a wedding venue.

If it is something that you can afford, try to go for something that has a nearby airport or hotel that will help pave the way for the accommodation of your guests. Get logistics in mind as much as possible. As the one who is hosting the event, at a certain degree, you are a bit responsible for the comfort and the convenience of your guests who will be attending and you can really pull something like this off the right way if you study the wedding venue that you are planning to book for the wedding in the first place. If you can find a wedding venue that offers full service or that is licensed to hold civil wedding ceremonies, then it would be even better because what it technically means is that you don’t have to shuttle your guests off from one location to the other at the end of the day.

Document the wedding

Another thing that you need to make sure of when you are planning out a wedding in the Essex area at any point in time is that you are able to document the wedding the right way. After all has been said and done and once the food and the people and the festivities have all gone, what you will have left are the memories made during the wedding and these memories will be best preserved through the pictures that are being taken during the wedding which is why hiring a great wedding photographer is something that you need to take seriously when it all comes down to it. Get a great wedding photographer from Essex along with the rest of your wedding vendors to really cap off the coverage of your wedding.

Find A Peterborough Wedding Photographer

wedding photographer HertfordshireIf you are currently in the process of more or less trying to find a Peterborough wedding photographer that will suit you and your partner’s needs and all of your preferences somewhere during the wedding, the first thing that you ought to go ahead and take into account as much as you possibly can is the aspect of finding the right person for the job. It all starts off with the skills, with the pricing as the middle man, and then with personality to go ahead and top everything off. You need to make sure that whoever you end up going for will turn out to be someone who will be well worth the effort of hiring in the first place. He needs to satisfy your requirements all across the board. This isn’t the type of thing that you can afford to be mediocre with when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that you are very hard to please when it comes to things like this.

When it comes to the skills, you need to make sure that you are hiring a verified professional and specialist in what he does.

You can’t go for someone who isn’t quite ripe for the picking just yet, so to speak. You need to make sure that no matter what happens, you are getting someone who has been doing this for the longest time running. He needs to be able to say confidently that this isn’t his first rodeo and that he has been through more challenging circumstances before. You need someone who can really follow through on what is expected from him at the end of the day and this is the type of thing that you will usually be able to determine by taking a quick look at a wedding photographer’s portfolio posted online. Take a look at the photography style as well as at the number of projects being put up there in the first place. This should more or less give you more than enough leeway on how you need to go ahead and handle things accordingly when it all comes down to it.

The price needs to be competitive but at the same time, still the kind of thing that you will be able to afford.

Anything that will turn out to be a little too much when it all comes down to it might end up being something that will turn out to be way over your budget after all has been said and done. You can’t afford to overspend on the services of a photographer for your wedding. It might put the rest of your wedding expenses at risk at some point or so and this is the type of thing that you might not be able to afford at the end of the day. A great wedding photographer is bound to be fairly expensive but it needs to be just the right kind of expensive. It shouldn’t be anything too much at the end of the day.

How To Choose Among Cornwall Wedding Photographers

Cornwall wedding photographersKnowing how to categorize the wedding photographer is that you come across with in Cornwall might sound like a really difficult job in the beginning but for as long as you have all of the basics down pat and for as long as you know what you are looking for in the first place, you should be in a pretty good place. What you need to understand about hiring a wedding photographer is that experience will trump pretty much everything else when it comes to this category. You want to make sure that you hire someone been there and out there in the field. There are just some things that experience can teach a person the other means of learning will not be able to do so.

5 weddings or more

It would be best if you categorize Cornwall wedding photographers based on how many weddings they have managed to cover or manage to shoot so far. A wedding photographer who has only shot one to five weddings is someone who is classified as an inexperienced photographer. Unless you want your wedding to be considered as target practice, it would be in your best interest to make sure that you avoid hiring any inexperienced photographers for the job.

A photographer who has roughly around 6 up to 10 weddings covered in the past is someone that you would consider as a bit of an amateur. This photographer would be great to have as a backup shooter or as an assistant photographer. He is in no way qualified to shoot a wedding all by himself or to lead a team of photographers one way or the other.

A photographer who has managed to shoot or cover 10 up to 20 weddings is someone that you would consider as knowledgeable.

He has considerable experience but then again, you will be taking a risk if you hire him all alone. On the flip side, someone like this will not cost as much or as expensive as the truly professional wedding photographers out there so if you are cutting some expensive somewhere along the way, this particular type of wedding photographer will do.

30 weddings or more

However if you were looking for someone who is extremely experienced deliver at the end of the day, what you need to do is look for Cornwall wedding photographers who have about 30 weddings are more tightly under their belts. Beach photographers how much and know so much about the wedding photography industry you can truly rely on them and on the kind of service fight for you and for your partner during the wedding.

A piece of advice though, wedding photographers like this tend to be extremely expensive. But then again, if you would like to make sure that you make the most out of your wedding in Cornwall, then you should settle for nothing but the best of the best out there. After all, money is just a number especially when you’re talking about the most important day of your life. So go ahead and look up the perfect Cornwall wedding photographers who just might make the cut.

How To Get Started In The Photography Business

Photography business these days has become more competitive than before, with so many players now vying for a piece of the market and be able to earn big in the process. And for many people who are thinking of starting up a photography business, these challenges can be daunting for someone who has little to no experience in managing a business to handle. Thus it is important for to first assess whether he/she can handle the work and stress involved in doing business.

For those who have the traits needed, as well as the determination to go into this field, congratulations. While the business can be tough, it does not mean you will not make it if you have those traits and the determination to succeed. To help you along the way, here are 6 steps that would help you get started in the photography business

1 – Choose a specialization

There are so many fields in photography available but as a photographer, you must choose which field you would specialize like being a wedding photographer nottingham for instance. While there is nothing wrong with specializing in different fields, you are spreading yourself too thin that in the long run, you would not be able to handle the demands of being a photographer with multiple expertise. Besides, you would not be able to become an expert in photography with multiple expertise without mastering one over the other. Choose a field that you have a keen interest and that you will be comfortable with and stick with it. You will eventually thrive as a photographer even if you won’t learn about other fields.


2 – Have a business plan prepared

As with any business, getting into the photography business involves a lot of planning. And that planning must take into consideration your current resources, however meager they may be. After all, majority of the successful businesses we see today started out small, so there’s no shame to make use of what you have. Also consider in your plan the means and the timeframe in getting additional investment or possible expansion and whether they can be achieved realistically. If not, make sure you adjust your plan accordingly based on what can be realistically achieved.

3 – Make an initial investment

With a business plan drawn out, the next step would be to make an investment in your business. We are talking about investment here not just the financial but also in terms of equipment or other things you may need to have to start out. For this, try to get in touch with people who would be willing to help you get started with your business with your needs. And If you would go with this route, make sure you make a convincing argument that investing in your business would be worth it and that you have on duping your potential partners.

4 – Have a website

In this day and age, it is no longer an excuse for photographers to not have a place to showcase their works. While some photographers are content to use social media to do that, it will give you an advantage if you have your own website to showcase your output, as well as what you can do. Also, having your own website increases your brand’s worth, giving you an edge as some clients tend to look favorably on photography businesses that have their own websites.  It does not matter if you have your own domain or you made it through a free site creation platform like Blogger or WordPress. The content is what matters the most.

5 – Go social, online and offline


Apart from your web site, you can use social in promoting your business more effectively. You can advertise your brand or do something simple as sharing some of the photos you have taken as a marketing strategy, promoting them as viral content. If you can, try to learn about social media marketing to effectively promote your business. Of course, going offline social networking is very effective too in reaching out to potential customers and partners. Spreading the good word on your business via word of mouth is an effective tool to get your service across.

6 – Learn and invest continuously

With so many advances going on in the field of photography, one who is in the business of photography must be abreast with these developments. Keep developing that knowledge and the skills to be a better photographer. At the same time, as you are earning in the business, continuously invest with the best equipment you can afford to ensure better photos which in turn would lead to bigger profits for yourself and your business.

What Makes Black and White Photography Beautiful?

In the old days of photography, photos were shot in black and white. This should not come as a surprise considering that the technology back then was still not yet capable of capturing images in color. Of course, today’s photography scene is pretty much different now as color photography is now the standard and black and white photography is rarely used as it once was.

However, don’t mistake it with the notion that black and white photography is “dying” or at least consider it as “old-fashioned.” Even in this day and age in photography, and with the technology continuously evolving, black and white photography is still alive and well and is still making an impact. In fact, a number of photographers like Emma Joy still use it in their work.


An Element of Timelessness

For one, black and white photos have an element of timelessness in them. It can be due to the influences of photos shot in the past in black and white that it gives a classic look. However, that does not mean all photos will look classic if they are shot in black and white. With the prevalence of color photography, photographers now get more creative freedom and leeway to decide which shots would look timeless in color or in black and white. Let’s face it, some settings look best in color photography while some in black and white and technology makes it possible to make sound choices.

Seeing Light Differently

Another thing that makes black and white photography still relevant today is with regards to approaching light. Of course, you won’t be able to capture the colors of the sunrise in black and white, but you will be able to vividly capture the direction, quantity and quality of light around you. Understanding and playing around with different elements of light in this way is a fantastic skill that can be applied in video and studio lighting too.

Highlighting Elements in the Image

Looking at someone’s face, or into their eyes, without the distraction of color can convey emotions in the image much stronger. It’s not necessarily always the case, but it works, especially for people who feel they are much connected to a person in a black and white image over a color image. This is why many portraits are shot in black and white, especially to convey certain emotions.


Also, with the absence of color, elements in an image like its form, shape, and pattern are given more attention. The viewer can better notice such elements and have a better appreciation of the image and its characteristics.

Highlighting Beauty and Skin Tones

Regardless of race or color background, black and white photography provides wonderful tonal range from the deepest blacks and the whitest whites that highlights the subject’s complexion. It also makes makeup, discoloration and other distracting elements of the skin become less obvious to highlight the subject’s natural beauty.

Focusing On Composition

Another important characteristic of black and white photography is that it allows photographers to focus more on one important element: composition. Of course, composition is not color-dependent. A strong composition is a strong composition. This is because black and white does away with the distraction of color. Suddenly elements within the frame can relate in a way that might otherwise have been throw off because of jarring color, and the subject becomes more in focus than before.

Showing Off a Bit More Artistry with the Use of Negative Space

Negative space refers to the areas of the frame that have nothing in them. While in normal circumstances they tend to be distracting, in black and white such space is easier to showcase and highlight making the subjects instead of distractions. Playing around with negative space can also be useful in separating your subject nicely from the background and give added depth in the process.

Lenses For Wedding Photography To Check Out

A wedding is an important once-in-a-lifetime occasion that deserves to be captured with quality photos. Your job as a photographer must ensure that your output provides that quality needed.


And as every photographer like wedding photographers south wales knows, part of the equation in delivering that needed quality lies in the lenses that you use. For wedding photography, it is important to know what lenses to use and what moment should you use them.

  • 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens

This particular lens gives you good zooming distance of up to 200mm, letting you get close to the moment without being disruptive. It also creates a beautiful blur effect at f/2.8 aperture. It is also an appropriate lens to use to capture candid moments.

  • 50mm f/1.2 Lens

This lens can be useful for low light environments. You don’t have to use flash as it does the job in highlighting the background and bringing out the natural look for your subjects. This is also a good lens if you will be doing portrait shots with its low aperture that makes your subject pop out on the foreground.

  • 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens

This lens is appropriate to use on small spaces, especially if the venue makes it impossible to use either a zoom lens because the lens can come too close to the subject or a 50mm as it is not flexible enough to be a versatile lens.

  • 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens

This particular lens is appropriate for you to take more detailed shots, especially of still life items.

  • 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Wide angle lenses help fill out the rest of the details when regular lenses would not be enough to do shot. This lens provides quality and greater details in the photos.

  • 85mm f1.2L II USM

This particular lens is a fast, medium telephoto lens that can deliver superb optical performance. You get a great low-light performance and an impressive bokeh or blur effect thanks to its large aperture.

As a photographer, you should prepare as many lenses as possible for whatever moment that may arise during the event. Of course, it is not necessary for you to have all the lenses out there, or having all the lenses listed here. What is more important though is that you know the moments you would be shooting for the event and have the appropriate lens to capture that particular moment.

Why Is It Important To Connect To Other Wedding Vendors?

As a photographer starting out in the business of wedding photography, it is important that you get people to notice your work. And with competition tight these days, it is important that you market your business well in order for you to find more customers. However, this may be too much of a cost for you to handle especially if your strategies are not enough.

However, there’s no reason to lose hope. The good news is that there is a cost-efficient and effective method that will let you grow your business as a wedding photographer. And that is through building a network of wedding vendors who will help you find and connect with potential clients and be known in the photography industry as well.


There are a number of ways how building your network would help your business and your photography career, and we will note some of them below.


Referrals will greatly benefit your business because your fellow wedding vendors like even a Kent Wedding Photographer can refer their clients to you. In return, do the same thing and refer your clients to them as well. You will never know your clients might be looking for a florist, caterer and other specific wedding vendor. Your recommendations would be a great help to them and they’ll thank you for it, which may help boost your profile in the process.

Connect with the Right People

When you connect with other wedding vendors, it is important to choose carefully who you’ll connect with. You need to connect and be friends with the right people, those who are already in the wedding industry before you came in. They know more people and are more experienced enough for them to  share with you more helpful advice on how to make it in the industry.

Weddings vendors can also be your real friends even when you’re not talking to them about business. Spend some time with them and have even small conversations which would help deepen the ties between you both.


Feature Each Other’s Work

When there is no wedding to cover, you can feature the business of your friends on your website, even as simple as putting in the credits the make-up artist who did the bride’s makeup or the venue where the shoot was taken. You may also schedule a photo session and take shots of their office or store as well as their products and/or services. This gesture will surely make them happy and they will most likely feature your business on their website as well.

By building a strong network, you will have a greater chance of gaining more customers, grow your business and make a name in the wedding industry in the long run.

The Best Cameras For Street Photography

If you are someone who is looking into getting started in photography, the perfect genre for you to get started is street photography, which also happens to be a longtime popular genre in photography. More so because it is a genre you can pretty much capture easily when you’re out on the street with a camera on hand.

Ah yes, the camera. If you have no camera at hand yet, chances you are having quite a hard time in choosing the best camera to use for your street photography. Truth be told, there is no “best” camera as every camera has different features to suit different preferences and needs. However, we can provide with some of what we think are the best cameras to consider in the market today for street photography.

Considering the Camera Size

One good thing about street photography is that you do not need to use a big camera that photography studios like Rachael Pereira Photography use or bring additional equipment to shoot. In fact, a small camera that can shoot quality images would work just fine. This is especially the case since doing street photography requires your camera to be light enough for you to bring around comfortably, with less bulk and obstruction. The downside though is that a number of these small cameras do not have features that you may find useful when you are shooting on the street.


This does not mean DSLRs are not good cameras for street photography. In fact, some photographers use DSLRs for doing this type of photography as they provide more features and are somewhat more powerful cameras. However, they can be too bulky and using them may warrant more attention than you should when doing street photography.

In the end, the choice is up to you as the photographer as to what type of camera you think you would be more comfortable to bring around for your street photography. Whatever camera you choose should be something you should be comfortable using constantly wherever you go and would have the features you may be looking for in a camera.

The Best Camera for Street Photography?

With all these considered, we have rounded up some of the cameras in the market that can be considered the best for street photography and the features they offer:

Ricoh GR II –it’s rare for a point-and-shoot camera to be in contention for a best camera category, but the Ricoh GR II is a different kind of compact point and shoot camera that manages to stand out. It has a sturdy body, a 16 megapixel resolution, an f/2.8 maximum aperture and a high-speed autofocus system that makes it a no frills camera that gets the job done well, making it one of the most impressive compact cameras in the market today.

Leica M Digital Rangefinder – Leica cameras are one of the most expensive cameras in the market, and the Leica M Digital Rangefinder is no exception. Nevertheless, it offers an impressive set of features that make it a contender. The 24-megapixel shooter offers a very quiet shutter action, which makes it ideal for shooting on the streets, as well as a manual focus in the optical viewfinder. Image quality is exceptional, as can be expected in Leica cameras.

Fujifilm X100T – Fujifilm has been on the roll as of late for coming out with great quality cameras, especially mirrorless cameras. The Fujifilm X100T is yet another quality mirrorless camera they have produced. It boasts of a 16 megapixel resolution with and advanced X-Trans sensor for great image quality and an advanced processor which allows for lesser noise in high ISOs and faster performance as well of up to 6 fps. It also offers an almost quiet shutter speed performance of up to 1/32,000-second. Also, it has a built-in Wi-Fi and 1080p video capability.

Nikon D750 – if you’re considering having a DSLR camera for street photography, the Nikon D750 is a great camera to consider. It has a 24 megapixel resolution with an advanced EXPEED 4 processor for great image quality. More importantly, this camera has a 51-point autofocus system for faster and more accurate autofocus performance and a comfortable build that is suitable to carry it around on your street photography.