5 Forbidden Rules of a Wedding Photographer

Portsmouth wedding photographerWhat are the five things that a Portsmouth wedding photographer must absolutely avoid?

Apparently, these things can be commonly found among even the professionals! Customers don’t like it, but many rarely bother to come back to tell you about it. Instead, it brings bad reputation without even you knowing about it. Just because they aren’t likely to become return customers, doesn’t mean you can break the rules easily!

1.    Lack of training and improvements

Becoming a wedding photographer isn’t the end of your fight. It’s the beginning of another and you’re about to fight this until you can’t lift a camera anymore. Constant improvement is important because art and trend never stay in one place. Without straying away from the meaning of wedding pictures, it’s important to keep in mind that old style from 5 years ago won’t be appreciated.

Take master classes and seminars as well as look up for works of other photographers. You can explore another type of photography if they can help with expanding what you can do for a wedding photography session.

2.    Not taking an insurance

It’s surprising to see that while people know what are the things that can end their business, they lack the determination to protect it. While bad things don’t happen to everyone, they can happen to anyone. It’s foolish to think that, no, it won’t befall me.

A storm can sweep your studio’s roof and you’re out of commission for a long time because other photography related equipment might be broken or lost as well. You can lose your camera during a job and no way to pay the penalty.

A Portsmouth wedding photographer owns jameswhitephotos.com. This guy can’t seem to recall how many events have scared him that taking off the insurance would be the last thing he’ll do.

3.    Not making friends

Another thing that relates to chances of bad things to happen to you. In the case you can’t show up, what are you going to do? Leaving your client just like that isn’t an option. You need to be able to present a replacement, a solution, which means having a photographer to be prepared to come whenever you need.

That means you need to make friends. Inside a community of wedding photographer will allow you to be exposed to quality photographers and provide replacements when needed.

4.    Not honoring the agreement

It’s true that the contract never stated you’re going to show up on the engagement session. But that doesn’t justify the fact that you never told them what they need to know. Who wouldn’t think that it’s important to know who’ll be responsible for it?

An engagement photography session is often thought unimportant. That’s not for you to decide. If you’re going to send an assistant, be sure to have the clients informed of this before the event.

5.    Providing half-assed edited pictures

The last thing they want to see are pictures that weren’t properly edited. Some photographers think that clients wouldn’t consider much of it. Oh, yes, they will. Who is in-charge to edit the pictures? If it’s someone else, make sure it won’t be disappointing. You are the face your client is seeing. If they complain, it will still fall under your name as a Portsmouth wedding photographer.