2 Different Types of Wedding Photography

documentary wedding photographyEach wedding photographer has their own style but if you want an easy reference, there are basically two types of wedding photography style. One is called documentary wedding photography and the other is fine art. For your information, none of the styles is better than the other because it is the same with trying to tell you that green is better than yellow. You have your own preferences.

Documentary style

The documentary style is similar to a journalist style of taking pictures. It focuses on the storyline and chronicle of the day. The documentary style is something that helps capture the story of your day and the photographer tend to try to not disrupt the flow of the wedding. Such a photographer takes the fly-on-the-wall approach to make sure that guests and you won’t feel awkward around him.

The documentary style focuses more on the story rather than the visual quality. But it’s not the same with saying that documentary style pictures are typically ugly; the photographer does not try to pose anyone and that’s where the beauty is. Everything is as natural as how it is and you will see your pictures exactly like how you went through it.

A lot of documentary-style pictures are taken in black and white tone. It certainly tones down the color and visual but this effect makes the viewers feel emotional about the picture. People are more focused on the subject rather than simply if the picture looks pretty or not.

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The next style is going to be something that astonished you, too.

Fine art style

If you want your pictures to be beautiful and simply sucks in the viewers, fine art is the way to go. A photographer that takes pictures in a fine art style focuses on the visual quality. Similar to the documentary, it’s not the same as saying that fine art pictures simply look good but not the type you’ll look back over and over again. Photographers often incorporate documentary element in how the take pictures; it shows how the wedding day proceeds in a chronological way.

The fine art style is certainly focused on making your pictures look perfect and simply gorgeous. A photographer will try his or her best to make sure that everyone is at the right place at the right time to take the picture. There will also be more posed pictures because that’s where the photographer can unleash his creativity.

The fine art style has a broader variety compared to the documentary. In the documentary, each photographer has different perspectives in capturing the moment, but in fine art, the photographer is pressed to use his creativity to the max. It has to be staged in such a way that the picture looks like it was drawn. Surreal, but beautiful.

Some photographers adapt the vintage style and others may be more to natural colors. But it doesn’t make the style superior to documentary wedding photography because what you like depends.